Donato Velasco, PSW, A2A

"Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, I had a great upbringing and attended St. Michael’s Catholic High School. Shortly after graduating I was introduced to alcohol and it was all downhill from there. With just under 10 years of alcohol use, mental health issues and 2 DWI’s I decided enough was enough. I needed to take action and make the change for a better life. Through hard work, dedication, and unconditional support I now have 2 1/2 years of sobriety. I am proud to start this new journey as a Peer Support Worker with ACHR."

I am grateful to be a part of the ACHR team. I began my journey with the Center as the very first
ACHR intern. I have observed and participated in the growth of our organization. I feel a strong
commitment and look forward to the continued expansion of services ACHR will provide for our
clients. I consider the ACHR staff and clients, family. It is my honor to serve as the Board
President providing any assistance I can for the betterment of our community.

Kelley McCall, ACHR Board of Directors President,

As a peer in recovery, Evan has experienced the discrimination of those working through substance use disorders, mental health issues
and homelessness and has focused his career on developing leaders in the community and advocating for those in recovery through
education, peer support and workforce development. Evan appreciates opportunities to serve on advisory groups, provide direct service as a Certified Peer Support Worker and strives each and every day to pay back those who supported him on his recovery journey.

A 27-year resident of New Mexico, born in Colorado to a family of 7 children, Annette managed to avoid substance use but battled depression most of her life. Her sensitivity to the human emotion adds to her own attempt to emotional wellbeing. Since childhood, Annette had an interest in psychology and social service issues for those unable to fight for themselves. She worked in social services in Long Term Care facilities and is a Court Appointed Special Advocate in New Mexico Children's Court.

Evan Voth, CPSW, Associate Director  


Annette Vigil, Executive Administrator 

Johnny Armijo, CPSW, A2A Lead

"I’ve been with A2A for just under 3 years, and it has totally changed my life. I’ve used drugs and alcohol for a number of years and have tried a number of programs, nothing has worked. I’ve even done programs while I was in prison, still nothing. I was introduced to the Addict 2 Athlete program after a DWI and it just clicked for me. I participated in the 8-week curriculum driven class, and the workouts that totally kicked my a##.  It is exactly what I needed to put me on a successful road to my sobriety. I have 2 years of sobriety and now employed by Albuquerque Center of Hope and Recovery as a Peer Support Worker. Now able to coach the A2A program that saved my life. If I could do it anyone can do it."  #BEASTMODE