Board Membership

Interested in becoming a Board Member? Applications are now available for fiscal year 2017-2018. Contact ACHR Board President Catherine Trujillo at for a current application. 

General Membership

Membership definitely has it's benefits. Join us as an ACHR member and receive:    

  • access to our updated computer lab

  • participation in annual Board Meetings 

  • free yoga 

  • members-only activities 

  • employment workshops 

  • priority bus passes

  • DAILY FREE COFFEE!                                                     


Job Dev​elopment

Job Development consists of instructing job applicants in presenting a positive image by providing help with resume writing, personal appearance, and interview techniques.

The ACHR Job Developer provides a personal and structured approach to finding a fulfilling job quickly and successfully.  The Job Developer provides one-on-one service to create a strong resume that showcases your employment history as well as your transitional, self-management and vocational skills that will set ACHR clients apart from other applicants.

Clients will be introduced to the non-traditional job market, and how to access job openings before they are posted. Through a self-directed job search, as well as individual assistance in finding employment, the ACHR Job Developer will be with the client step-by-step through the job search, application and follow-up process. This will not only enhance motivation, but provide clients with the confidence and abilities to apply for a vast array of qualified jobs.

At ACHR, we are dedicated to helping clients find employment based on their unique needs and desires. ACHR focuses on overcoming barriers to employment such as mental health disabilities, criminal records and gaps in employment.  Unlike many others, ACHR Job Developers have small caseloads in order to dedicate their time to the individual needs of each client, and will continue client contact even after becoming employed. Each client will benefit from the personalized approach of ACHR Job Development.

ACHR has created partnerships with many local businesses to provide qualified employees as the businesses needs arise. Through these partnerships ACHR provides competent and capable employees to trustworthy employers. 


Pathways Navigators help with case management in the following ways: behavioral health, continuing education, dental care, disability income & appeal, drivers license & ID, education GED, employment, food security, heat & utilities, Health care home, housing assistance, legal services, medical debt, pharmacy/ medications, public benefits, substance use & abuse, transportation, victim advocacy, vision & hearing.

Situational Work Assessments

ACHR is now offering Situational Work Assessments for Division for Vocational Rehabilitation clients, scheduling for ACT Work Keys Assessments, as well as assistance in obtaining certifications and/or testing in order to qualify for specific careers. 

To inquire about the availability of an ACHR Job Developer, or to set up an assessment, contact Program Director Maxine Henry at (505) 417-9381 or

Weekly Job Club

​ACHR Employment Empowerment is a program that was initiated in January 2009 to create self-sustainability for ACHR by providing job development services to those with barriers to employment such as gaps in work history, criminal records and disabilities. ​

​The main objective of ACHR’s Employment Empowerment Job Club is to teach job seekers the skills needed to find and maintain employment, and to provide qualified and prepared candidates to local employers, while teaching job search independence through hands-on support. To register call Evan Voth at (505) 246-2247 or visit the Contact Us page. 

ACHR is looking for volunteer Certified Peer Support Workers to meet on a weekly basis with members. Peer Support can be offered through one-on-one support, or in a group setting through discussion, art or physical activity. Please contact Evan Voth at for more information.

​1.a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
synonyms: recuperation, convalescence 
2.the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost."
synonyms: retrieval, regaining, repossession, getting back, reclamation, recouping,
​ redemption, recuperation



31 day City of Albuquerque bus passes are now available for $10.00 on a first come, first serve basis during regular business hours. CABQ Bus Schedule & Routes

​Sun Van, ABQ RIDE's paratransit service, provides accessible transportation to persons residing in or visiting the metro area whose impairment makes it impossible to ride the fixed route service.

Sun Van Information



ACHR has recently partnered with Sani Yoga to offer free Yoga to members, and reduced rate classes to guests referred by ACHR. For more information on classes visit Sani Yoga. For information on membership, visit ACHR for a membership application. ​

Addict 2 Athlete - NM

In a war against addiction, you not only need a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well. Addicts 2 Athletes offers a non-tradition, non-medicinal approach to addiction recovery. The goal of A2A-NM is to assist low risk substance abuse addicts in finding and maintaining recovery by teaching the principles of criminogenic needs (characteristics, traits, problems, or issues of an individual that directly relate to the individual's likelihood to reoffend and commit another crime) and replacing the resulting antisocial behaviors with prosocial behaviors and community inclusion. By teaching prosocial behaviors and assisting addicts in developing positive relationships with A2A-NM mentors, community participants and A2A-NM program graduates. After graduation, participants are invited back to A2A-NM as mentors, to continue their physical fitness goals and to maintain community inclusion with members of the community gym providing space for A2A-NM.

To participate as an athlete compete the following application and submit it to ACHR via email (, mail or or drop off at ACHR.