It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

​Our doors are open to anyone seeking the support and help needed to change. Our philosophy is simple, everyone has the ability to grow and change. We are a member run organization that relies on our volunteers and donations to keep the Center open.The Albuquerque Center for Hope & Recovery’s current funding sources include grants and private donations from corporations and individuals. Due to the economic strains of today, many of those grants and donations have dwindled. In order for us to continue our work, we need your support. Without it, many people who need and seek out our help will fall through the cracks.

If you, a family member or a friend were to fall on tough times, wouldn’t you want support?
Hopefully we can count on your help.

Albuquerque Center for Hope & Recovery strives to provide services as a stand-alone organization, and as a 501c3 we ensure that your tax-deductible donations go a long way to support our mission.

Thank you,
​Elise Padilla, MSW, GCDF
Albuquerque Center for Hope & Recovery